A community foundation seeks to connect the public with information and content from the non-profits working for change in the community.

YourPBC.org was established as a “digital public square”, a means for the Palm Beach County community to collect and share news and information. It is a project from the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties and was funded by the Knight Foundation.

This work was done in collaboration with decimal152

Sharing news is one thing; tracking the progress of issues throughout a community is another.

Community news and information sites often fall into the trap of simply reporting the most recent developments prioritized by the biggest stories of the day. This approach makes it difficult to think of the big issues that affect the community, understand what is being done on the issue, and who are the people working towards improvements.

YourPBC.org is an information portal that brings together content from a variety of non-profit organizations in the Palm Beach area. The site is structured around topical issues with subject-matter focused organizations contributing content to the appropriate issue channels. Within each issue, articles are broken into “Inform”, “Inspire”, and “Impact” groupings to focus information not just on breaking news, but also success stories and opportunities to engage in change.

Photo at top: Danial Tobias CC BY 2.0

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