At the beginning of college my friends and I got really into the Detroit cow-punk band Goober & The Peas. They’d been around for a while, but promptly broke up at the height of our interest. Several years later, the band’s leader formed a new band that made beautiful music. I offered to help in any way possible.

Over the years I designed the packaging for two full length albums, two EPs and their website. When I finished the website, I considered it the best thing I’d done. Conceptually it was the most narrative. Inspired by the characters the band adopted as well as the story in Bobby Bare’s Detroit City, the story of a man who moved the Detroit in its heyday to seek his dreams and ends up leading a very different life than the one he tells his family back home.

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This work led directly to several other band sites, a number of unexpected opportunities for me, and was featured in 1000 Music Graphics from Rockport Publishing.

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