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Ed is a designer. For many years, he ran his own practice, working across a variety of fields: healthcare, journalism, humanitarian aid, higher education, non-profits, sustainability, e-commerce and more.

Ed lives in Jersey City, NJ with his lovely wife and his lovely daughter. He lives on the East Coast, but has a Midwestern heart.




I'll soon be joining 18F as an Innovation Specialist in its Consulting division.

Why I'm joining.

The Washington Post


Helped establish The Washington Post’s NYC product design shop, WPNYC; focused mostly on internal publishing tools to empower journalists.

Some closing thoughts and why I joined in the first place.

2010, 2012–2013

I’ve had a long, sometimes painful relationship with everyone’s favorite target. I designed the first version in 2010 and helped shape the overall UX design of the infamous 2013 version — which successfully enrolled many millions of people in health coverage.

What I did, how I got to do it, and why I’m proud to have been a part of it.

ReliefWeb / UN OCHA


Defined the product roadmap with medium- and long-term strategic planning for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs' primary humanitarian portal.

What we did.




Looking forward to a new adventure

Team Colors

Good sports lessons from a bad athlete

Making Things In Government and Out

Thinking about the unique context of government

Conversations About Data

Offering a concept as feedback on the recently launched

Five Reasons to Be a Presidential Innovation Fellow

My article on techPresident


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